About Me

Gina Beltran


Growing up in my Grandma Mary's home in Hayward Ca, she was always a huge influence on me... You could always find her in the kitchen in her blue and red apron, I remember grandma always telling me to go out and play while she cooked, there was a big window in the kitchen, that I was just tall enough to peek into and watch as she chopped and stirred. Never once do I remember her using measuring cups or spoons. She only used her hands and eyes to measure. On occasion, she would catch me watching her cook, she would ask me to come in and help, would tell me not to get in the way. I would get to help with setting the table, and pulling things out of the pantry or fridge for her.


My Mother was always in the picture, but being a single mom, she was always working hard to provide for me. Mom liked to cook southern style. She is known for her signature mashed potatoes and potato salad! Man oh man, to this day I have yet to conquer her technique.

I put in three and half years at Le Cordon Bleu San Francisco ca, there were days when I wondered if I had made the right choice. I worked and went to school, never missing a day, and I even made the honor roll!


Everyone I cross paths with, always asks me "what do you like to cook?" Honestly I love to cook everything that I have learned in the culianry world. It's a melting pot of all ethnicities, but ultimately it comes back to my roots, and peeking in through that big window in grandmas kitchen, keeping all the flavors alive, and adding my twist to everything I learned from my grandma and my mother. This is what made ChefG510