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Meal Prep

ChefG510 meal prep service offers a wide variety of meals to give busy people like you another option for eating healthy. Let me do shopping, cleaning and cooking for you, so that you can eat healthy and reach your goals faster. Meals are delivered on Sunday's, and include 2 meals per day for 5 days. In just a few easy steps, you'll be enjoying flavorful and nourishing meals in the comfort of your own home or office, knowing that you are giving your body everything it needs, and nothing it doesn't.

My mission is to enable and inspire healthy living. All of my meals are crafted using fresh, organic, never frozen ingredients. While nourishing your body is my top priority, delighting your palette is just as important.

Drop Of Lunches

Available twice monthly, typically delivered on a Mondays and Fridays to Hayward residents only. You will receive a fresh signature lunch, with a drink and a little something sweet.


But what if...?


Of course there are always going to be "what if's" and that is why ChefG510 is always professional! I know every client is different and has different tastes in food, diet preferences and even cultural preferences. That is why I offer personal, customized, "just for you" meal services.

Some of my most loyal clients are:

People with special dietary needs (such as diabetes, celiac disease, high cholesterol, food allergies) Individuals with weight goals (whether it's losing weight or maintaining that well-earned number on the scale. Patients recovering from illness or surgery.


I am a full-service catering company that is proud to serve my clients some of the freshest, most delicious custom menus throughout the Bay Area.


Custom Events
From ecstatic couples enjoying amazing, signature cuisines at their wedding receptions to corporate party-goers wowed with fabulous presentations, clients throughout the Bay Area seek out ChefG510 to make sure everything they've envisioned will come to life.


Catering weddings in the Bay Area is a joy. I believe that planning and creating a celebration of love should be as special and memorable as the wonderful day itself. Let me to help you design your menu for your special day.


Corporate Catering
ChefG510 takes a different approach to Bay Area corporate catering. As you will learn (and love!), I am an entirely custom catering company that builds menus with a single goal in mind: crafting the most delicious, perfect menu for you and your guests. Allow me to help you host a successful event with amazingly fresh cuisine and impeccable service.

All packages include a collaborative menu and tasting.

Chef Nights

If you enjoy entertaining at home, ChefG510 is the company to hire.


ChefG510 takes great pride in "bringing the restaurant to you." From start to finish, each course is carefully prepared and beautifully presented.

I will offer custom menu planning and a nice range of sample menus for you to choose from.